Are you a creative or perhaps a business or service owner? One of our specialities is helping you to develop and find your brand’s personality. We work hard to bring it across in genuine and engaging words. If you need new web content, newsletter articles or written blog posts that show off your brand – we’ll work with you to ensure that your written words make your audience emotionally engage with you. We are Freshpath Marketing and we’d love to help you freshen up your copy -creating experience in such a way as to free you up to run your business.

Engage emotionally with your audience

We make marketing accessible for SME’s, even those without huge budgets. We provide tailored strategies and advice so you can focus on what you do best.. running your business. 

Announcement: we despise boring!

Together, we can work together to make your brand take off in so many engaging ways.  Just give us a call and we’ll provide an estimate based on your needs. Any offer will include an initial strategy phone call (we can’t do any work without first hearing about your business through your passion and ideas). There may be up to three rounds of revisions and our commitment to provide copy that is truly authentic to your business concern and that connects with your prospects’ needs.

Remember that web browsers today have grown weary of reading old content. Blogs and articles of the same length, the same old structure with the same points with only relatively minor deviations and with a handful of adjectives modified sporadically here and there is an instant losing strategy for you. Call us if that’s what you are suffering from…


Web designers: don't let the copy hold you back!

Are you tired of hearing that the copy isn’t ready yet? Well, great design and quality copy are like bread and butter – perfect together. We’d love to help you ensure that your clients’ copy is as great as your design. A quick turnaround time will reduce your stress levels and help you concentrate on the pieces that you do best.



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