Catch your customer's eye

Communication and Design are essential components in the marketing process. From your logo to your carefully designed packaging your audience will judge you quickly, however unfairly.  In a world where most customers are short of the time that they need to evaluate products and services, they are subconsciously drawn to what meets the eye first. That’s why communication through design is important. It will include any displays of data, your websites, your packaging through to the product itself.

We make marketing accessible for SME’s, even those without huge budgets. We provide tailored strategies and advice so you can focus on what you do best.. running your business. 

A customer experience that wins the battle for attention

At the end of the day – all of these constituent parts should be stitched together in such a way as to make information easy to engage with and resonate in their minds. From the very moment a buyer discovers your product or service to the point at which they sign on the dotted line, your design is the railway that guides users through their journey.

The customer experience should be exactly that in reality – a magical trip that fulfils their expectations at the end.   What we do is guide you through the process, starting with a deep understanding of your place in the marketplace in relation to your competitors.  It’s said that within the first 13 milliseconds of starting a sales presentation, prospects have visually registered the content of the images and started with the emotional processing.

That’s 10x faster than the blink of an eye! Before they start understanding your pitch on a conscious level, they’ve already judged your deck based on first impressions, experienced it emotionally and filtered it through a number of cognitive biases.

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