Do some local search marketing, optimize your website for humans and search engines, engage in link building, take advantage of keywords, ask for email addresses, monitor your online reputation, use online networking sites to build a bigger network.


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Perform some local search marketing. …

Optimise your website for search engines and prospective customers

Participate in link building. …

Use keywords to your advantage. …

Create a mailing list. …

Track your online reputation. …

Build a bigger online network by using networking sites. ….

1. Local search marketing

A strong local search marketing strategy can be key to the success of small businesses.  Local search marketing is all about driving consumers to your products and services by ensuring your business shows up in the first page of relevant local searches. In order to ensure your business is found by your target consumers, you need to claim your online business listings such as Google My Business listing. Having a professional online listing may well be the deciding factor for a customer choosing your business.

2. Optimize your website for humans and search engines

Never underestimate how short a customer’s attention spans is. In the fast paced world we live in, consumers want to find the answer to their search immediately. If a website is slow, clunky or confusing to navigate, they will exit the site and visit a competitor’s site instead. It sounds really simple but it is crucial to get this right.

3. Engage in local related  link building

Link building is a fantastic tool you can use to boost your small business’s website and demonstrate to Google that you provide relevant and high quality services that deserve to be shown in local search. However, it is crucial to prioritise quality over quantity. Getting a few related, high quality local links has a higher value than an assortment of spammy and low-quality links.

4. Monitor your online reputation

It’s also important for small business owners to be aware of what their customers are saying about their services in order to manage brand reputation. It’s easy to keep on top of this by setting up a Google alert for your business. It will let you know when new articles are posted that feature your business.

5. Add video to your Google My Business listing

It is a good idea to take advantage of the new Google feature which allows small business owners to add videos to their listings. Providing your potential clients with videos will give them a greater insight into your services before making the decision to become a customer with you. Alongside your listed photographs, a professional video can engage consumers and lead to sales.


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