To Know is to Grow

We’d love to assist you with market research. Our focus is on ever-changing attitudes, trends, behaviours and cultural trends. If you choose to work with us, we’ll take you on a trip designed to deliver true insights, sometimes with surprising answers. They will be coupled with a clear direction and a strong vision. meets the eye first. That’s why communication through design is important. It will include any displays of data, your websites, your packaging through to the product itself.

We make marketing accessible for SME’s, even those without huge budgets. We provide tailored strategies and advice so you can focus on what you do best.. running your business. 

Understand your competitive landscape

Sajid Moghul of Jap Performance Parts, an automotive company in Crawley, West Sussex, commissioned us to find competitors and understand the competitive landscape that they operate in. We sat down and took time out to understand their business as it stood. We repeated what we were told by them to them to test our understanding. Then we sat down with their sales people and repeated the exercise. We left.

After a period we returned with an overview of how their business was positioned in their marketplace against their peers. We spoke to their clients and obtained unbiased feedback about their experience. We found out what they liked and did not like. Sometimes the feedback was expected. In other cases it was a true revelation to the owner – even if they thought they should have known the particular point that we illustrated in this case. Why? It’s because most owners of businesses are so busy working in their business that they forget to put time aside to understand their world from an external perspective.

See your business through the eyes of your clients

Therein lies the issue. Looking at your business through the eyes of your clients and prospects really pays for itself – but you need to invest to acquire these insights that you can turn to your advantage.

Market research will assist you in mapping out the full profile of your ideal customer. Knowledge of your potential customers will help determine your true market potential and importantly, what are triggers that make them purchase. You can even gain invaluable insights such as their location, gender, age, and income; all of which will help you create an effective marketing plan.


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