Nuanced advertising decision-making

There’s always been a reluctance to advertise on behalf of a lot of businesses. We see it all of the time. Time is a factor – owners are often reluctant to advertise since they haven’t got the time to research what makes sense. They are often wary about making bad decisions. Sometimes it’s even simpler. It’s because today’s advertising choices are more complex and nuanced than not that long ago. It takes the experience of a marketing company to help make the right decisions.

We make marketing accessible for SME’s, even those without huge budgets. We provide tailored strategies and advice so you can focus on what you do best.. running your business. 

Maintaining awareness and retention

Advertising will help you raise your demographic’s awareness of topics. They may not be so familiar with them and it can help serve to educate them on the advantages of the service/product. A classic illustration of this would be where a viewer watches a TV ad in which someone illustrates the ailments experienced by the viewer of the TV ad. It then goes on to give the cause and provide the remedy. Very often, the viewer did not even consider it an issue worth solving until they viewed the ad.

It costs a lot of money to acquire a customer. In fact, it takes a lot of energy – so much so that companies often forget to put time into keeping their existing clients. Regular advertising campaigns are essential in reminding existing customers that you still care. The less you hear from your supplier – the more distant you feel – it’s normal.  The way to protect yourself in a difficult economy is through regular adverting activity such as ads, events and refreshed content on your website.


Stand out against your competition

Advertising can invite your chosen audience to compare and judge your product or service against your competitors. Just think of that beer that’s probably the best in the world or that breakfast cereal that once your little boy had eaten it before leaving for school, left him perfectly positioned to leapfrog his school friends in exam results. Thanks to your decision, he didn’t choose the other cereal.

Keep up with contemporary advertising trends

A good example would be the development of content for mobiles. This is far from a new concept, but it’s increasingly important these days – especially in the case of video. This kind of content can be viewed in a seamless way across different devices, from laptop to smartphones and tablets. The ever-increasing increase in mobile users means that you cannot ignore this trend and have to adapt before losing out. It represents such a large section of the marketplace. Google especially is favouring sites with good video and mobile learning content.



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