The owner Philippe, has worked for various organisations previously heading up teams of marketeers and working in conjunction with heads of sales and other high level stakeholders.



We’ve typically sat down and listened to our client’s needs and tried to really see the world through their eyes. That’s the culture we espouse through our team members.  We only hire only people whose abilities have been first influenced by quality education, responsibilities and of course meaningful accomplishments – who have demonstrated expertise in the service fields we provide. We expect members to be well versed in the complex industries they serve and if they are not – to immerse themselves first to remove any assumptions that lead to biased and poor marketing.

We provide a wide range of part-time sales and leadership training and marketing services that will help drive your company’s growth. Our team has experience in various industries from technology to industrial companies and from startups to larger enterprises.


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Together our team has over 25 years of marketing experience, working with companies and organisations – from large to small.

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