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An integrated digital marketing approach

PPC & SEO working in tandem

At Freshpath, we know the importance of combining PPC and SEO strategies to gain marketing and client insight. That’s why we provide our small business clients with an integrated digital marketing approach which helps them to save money along the way!

People generally consider paid advertising to be unnecessary for small businesses already paying money for content marketing. However, it is the combination of organic and paid marketing that yields the best results and reaches your targeted audience. Paid advertising is not the cheapest option which means it’s important that you are selective with your campaign and only use the leading advertising platforms and hire the best PPC agency in Brighton.


Be empowered through your decisions

Do you really need paid advertising?

PPC services in Brighton don’t often integrate SEO. Consequently, often businesses choose to treat PPC and SEO separately. Whilst it is possible to hire separate agencies to deal with each strategy, this is not the most effective approach. It has been proven that an integrated PPC and SEO marketing strategy is the best way to ensure the success of a campaign as it allows you to make more informed decisions. Only through combining organic and paid media are you able to understand data in more depth and drive more traffic to your website.

Discovering SEO opportunities using PPC

Since Google Analytics changed its keyword data sharing to ‘Not Provided’, SEO teams are now unable to see what terms allowed a user to find the site organically. However, it is still possible for SEO experts to use Google Adwords’ “Search Query Reports” to determine effective keywords to use.

Where PPC keywords are expensive it may be wise to focus SEO and content efforts on these keywords, especially if they have the potential to drive large volumes of traffic. The results will take longer to filter through, but this could prove a cost-effective way to see ranking gains. Paid search is often worth it.

Pay-per-click advertising is a way for business owners to bid on keywords that are related to their industry or audience interest(s). Businesses bid to show their ads on SERPs when a particular keyword is searched by a user and organic search is too competitive. You can also bid on google display network to appear on a wide range of websites

Make the most of your ad budget

Harnessing the power of PPC advertising

There are a host of reasons to use PPC Ads and ads campaigns to boost your business’ visibility in online searches. The value is guaranteed as you only pay when people click your ad and there is a range of costs per click.. You can even use google ads to piggyback off people searching for your competitors, coming up as a search result when their name is typed into Google. A lot is possible with good PPC management.

Our PPC team can take over the account management for your PPC campaigns, ads campaigns and landing pages. Learn more here: PPC Brighton.

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