Five questions regarding social media, internet searches and reviews that all small businesses should be asking themselves.



1. How does my company name come up in the search results?

It is important to manage your reputation as customers can find out a lot about you by simply searching for the company name. It would be helpful to at least do a monthly search of your company name on the main internet platforms such as Google and Yahoo. When doing this search for the company owner, president or any other public employees. It may also be useful to set up Google/Yahoo/Bing Alerts for your company name.

2. How do I get traffic from different sources?

You shouldn’t rely on one source of traffic! There are many ways to gain traffic/sales/revenue/customers from other sources such as using PPC advertising. Using the appropriate social media is an imperative way to develop new audiences.

3. How do I claim local business listings?

Statistics explain how customers use the internet to find local businesses and local business listings are an easy way to try and put your company name at the top of what they’re searching for. Google, Bing and Yahoo offer free listings for small and local businesses.

Make sure to build your profile using as much information on your business as you can to attract attention.

4. What do my reviews look like online?

Consumers rely heavily on online reviews so it is important to ensure that you get good reviews on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp etc. You should make a conscious effort to check your online reviews often. If you get a negative review it could make your overall profile look more trustworthy as customers find it hard to believe at a business could only have 5-star reviews. If possible it would be advisable to leave a professional and polite comment to anyone leaving a negative review.

5. Am I using social media properly?

Social media is important for your business as it is used by people from all walks of life. If you are unsure as to what platforms to use it may be useful to directly ask your customers what social media they use. This would enable you to tailor your social media towards your customers. Once you have social media accounts set up, make sure to link them to your website and vice a versa.



5. Find competitor of company – how do I compare?

Finally, what are my competition doing? What can I learn from them? Having your finger on the pulse of your local industry is not only an important step in making sure you’re not left behind – it’s also a goldmine for new marketing ideas.

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