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What we do...

We make traditional and digital marketing services affordable for businesses…
…in the background so that you can focus on what you do best… running your business. 

Why us?

We're Experienced
-Yet Approachable

Yes, that’s right. You get both with us. On one hand, we’re passionate about what we do and are highly experienced. 

On the other hand, we’re approachable and easy to deal with. We won’t blind you with unhelpful jargon.

Completely 'Done For You' Service

As the business owner, you’re looking for sales but you’re concerned that we’ll somehow be a distraction.

Rest assured that we get this and have plans in place that will get the balance right so you can be freed up.

Big Company Service at Small Company Rates

Our goal is simple, to democratise digital marketing and make it affordable to small to medium-sized companies too.

We don’t charge the earth for what we do and have no fixed contracts – so you’re not locked into anything.

We Pool Data & Learnings to Help You

By managing a large number of campaigns, we can pool data to benefit our new clients.

As an experienced digital agency in Brighton, we can find competitors and analyse their results to see what works and what doesn’t. 

We do it all for you...

We help you
stay ahead of
your competitors

We are highly rated

Why do it?

It Works

Whether you think you need to market or not, our experience is that done correctly, there’s never an unhappy client. That’s because we have lots of experience in competitive analysis and we know what works. We are confident that we can help you beat your top competitors.

Great Payback

Done well – and believe us when we say that we love to do things well – they’re almost always a strong payback for our marketing services.

Don’t get us wrong – the marketing campaign will partly depend on your input too though – that’s why it’s a partnership.

To Build Your Brand

So often companies fail to understand the importance of developing a strong brand for their target audience.

A strong brand can drive sales, boost profit margins and help you sell your company in the future. Achieve this with our digital marketing solutions UK.

To Stay Ahead

We see it all the time. Companies are so busy doing what they do, they don’t see the competition creeping up behind them. Through case studies, we can help you find competitors so you can stay ahead of the game. 

Good marketing protects what you have as well as growing it.

63% Increase in Organic Traffic
"Freshpath Marketing did an amazing job of helping us get new enquiries" JAP PERFORMANCE PARTS
"Better Clients - Better Future"
"The SEO advice was so helpful, and it was great that they combined it with advice on the kind of marketing we are more used to" RTLS COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Easy to Work With - Sound Advice
"Freshpath really helped us at Focus Consulting. It's Made a big difference" - FOCUS CONSULTING

What makes us different?

Often when meeting new clients we’re asked what makes us different. In essence, it’s how we combine our experience in traditional marketing channels and digital marketing services. Digital marketing services in London and Brighton are usually quite limited to optimisation. However, combining them helps us stand out and it can do the same for you. 

A traditional marketing company in Brighton typically focuses on methods such as literature and broadcasts (radio and television). Digital marketing is focused on improving online presence. It will encompass internet marketing – content marketing, web designsearch engine optimisation (SEO)paid searchsocial media marketing and video marketing among others.

However, just because digital marketing dominates it doesn’t mean that true success can be achieved by concentrating on this field alone. Real success is achieved by creating the right balance – especially in regard to your marketing strategy.

No other Brighton digital agency has the experience in traditional marketing that we do. We have been developing marketing campaigns at the highest level for the past two years. What we have learnt gives us an instinctive sense of what works and what doesn’t. This means that we are more successful at what we do than many newbies.  

In addition, we haven’t been scared to renew our knowledge and develop great skills in digital marketing. Our marketing team is highly trained. We develop the most innovative digital marketing strategy. Most importantly though, we take pleasure in sharing this combined experience for the benefit of our new customers.

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Control your costs..

Good marketing is about generating more and better enquiries, but at a lower cost than you are used to.

Industry costs per enquiry...

Financial - £126
Retail - £27
Customer Products - £83
Technical Services - £164

What we can do for you

The world of digital marketing in Brighton is growing at unprecedented rates. These days, everything is going on the internet. That’s why now more than ever it makes sense to improve your online presence. You can do this through an organic keyword strategy, a social media strategy, and the help of the best web developers.

 At Freshpath Marketing we can offer you the full service. This will help you achieve your conversion rate optimisation by reaching both existing and potential customers. We will provide you with high-quality brand and social media management which will benefit you in the long term. 

We are all about people. In our content marketing strategies, we put user experience first, because we know that being approachable goes a long way. 

For this reason, we care about being good partners. That’s why we will always be there to answer your questions and reassure you. It’s simply who we are. 

We work with small businesses because local SMEs are what we come from and what we believe in. 

Why not get in touch and get to know us a bit more…

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