There are a host of reasons to use PPC Ads to boost your business visibility in online searches. The value is guaranteed as you only pay when people click your ad and you can even piggy back off people searching for your competitors, coming up as a search result when their name is typed into Google.



Businesses are often put off by the perceived cost of advertising and fail to see the value in it as a result. There are a number of reasons, however, why it would be foolish to write off PPC Ads and their potential to grow your business – we’ve picked out a few below:


Value for Money

Not only is it extremely quick and simple to set up a pay-per-click advertising campaign – you can get one up and running within minutes – but you’re also only paying each time someone actually clicks your ad. There is thus guaranteed value in the advertising – even if a thousand people see your ad in their search results, you will only be charged for the ones that actually click onto your site!

Easy to set limits and budgets

For those of you who are worried about the success (and therefore cost) of your PPC campaign spiralling out of control, providers of this kind of ad have made it possible to limit daily spend and pause campaigns – it’s even possible to automate this process with your PPC marketing agency so that you can focus on running your business rather than tackling such small admin tasks.

Piggy Back off your Competitors’ Brand Name

When you set the parameters of your advertising campaign, you can set it so that even when people are directly searching for your competitor’s name, you can come up as an advertised search result towards the very top. For example, if you are running an advertising campaign for Pizza Express, you can programme it so that, when someone searches for ‘Strada’, your Pizza Express website comes up as an ad.

Set your ads to appear at specific times

You can really extract the optimal value out of your ads by scheduling them at the times when people will like search for what you provide. For example, to continue the Pizza Express example, your ads could appear only around meal times, to catch those hungry searchers looking for food in your area.


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