People generally consider paid advertising to be unnecessary for small businesses already paying money for content marketing. However, it is the combination of organic and paid marketing that yields the best results. Paid advertising is not the cheapest option which means it’s important to that you are selective with your campaign and only use the leading advertising platforms.



Pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) are both important digital marketing strategies. They can be seen as different approaches to the same solution: both have their own merits but work best when integrated. It can be all too easy to use one at the expense of another.

We have put together a few ways small businesses can combine PPC and SEO to return better results.

1.Using PPC data to uncover new SEO opportunities.

It is now harder to find out what keywords allowed users to find your site organically as  Google Analytics changed it keyword data sharing to ‘Not Provided’. However, it is still possible for SEO experts to use Adwords’ “Search Query Reports” to determine effective keywords to use when creating content for users.

2. PPC when you’re on a budget

PPC keywords can be expensive but if you take a focussed approach, you can maximise their usefulness to you. Firstly, ensure that your content and SEO strategies use these keywords to their full capacity. These results will give you access to your ranking gains as well as giving insight into the terms that drive the most traffic to your business.

3. Plan your PPC strategy using organic data.

Ensure you regularly review organic traffic trends and figure your findings into your PPC spending plan.

4. Collaborative Creatives

Get your teams to work together! Using Adwords, PPC teams can rapidly uncover written content that is effective for your business and pass this onto the SEO team.

At Freshpath, we know the importance of combining PPC and SEO strategies to gain marketing and client insight. That’s why we provide our small business clients with an integrated digital marketing approach which helps them to save money along the way!

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising ?

Through audience targeting, PPC advertising will place your advertisement on search engines or social media platforms such as Facebook. You get what you pay for with PPC – how much you are willing to pay will directly determine how many times your advertisement is shown.

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Whilst SEO campaigns can take a lot of time and energy to carry out, it is effectively a “free” method to increase your traffic. It works by implementing strategies on your website which increase your listings on search engine results pages.


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