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It is an often repeated fact that all businesses should take advantage of the power of social media to transform your brand and grow your customer base and industry presence. To many businesses, however, this can be a very daunting process – at Freshpath, we’re on hand to help you build a clear and effective social media strategy.

There are many reasons why social media channels are a valuable resources for your brand and we’ve expounded on some of them below:


There are many reasons as to why you should invest time and even money into your social media pages. One of them being how cost-effective social media can be. This is due to social media advertising being a lot cheaper than conventional advertising so in order to reach a large, specific audience you would not need to pay too much (have a read of our PPC blogs). Social media advertising also lets you see the data analytics from your ads and it would allow you to target the correct demographic. Social media platforms learn about who is interested by monitoring who has interacted with your ads, this gives you more knowledge on your audience and potential customers.

Social media is interactive

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allow you to engage with your audience and potential customers by asking them questions, asking them to share their thoughts and seeing what content of yours they like. Moreover, social media users are extremely active. This is advantageous as your ads or posts will keep popping up on people’s feeds meaning that your will get more engagement as social media users check their social media accounts several times a day.

Knowledge and credibility

Social media platforms allow you to share a whole lot about your business, from your address and phone number to who your employees are. This lets social media users learn more and gain up-to-date information about your business just by looking at your page and posts. Your activity and posts on your pages can be made public meaning that they can also serve as a search engine for those trying to find something on social media, they can simply look you up and find all the information they need. Social media also lets you track reviews and responses from customers on your page, allowing you to come across as a more reliable and credible company if you have got good reviews. This will ensure that all the hard work you’ve been putting into excellent customer service can be shown in the reviews you could receive on your social media pages.

Email marketing

Email marketing has changed dramatically since the rise of social media. By sharing the newsletters you would previously share via email on social media you will be able to have a larger outreach as there is a possibility that your content will be shared. Your content has the possibility of being viewed by a new audience that you would not have reached just by using a mailing list. Through sharing posts and newsletters on social media you can also include a link to attract potential customers to join your mailing list.

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