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A Strong and Confident Sales Team Develops Strong Relationships

We know it in our hearts, but it often gets forgotten. Confidence stems from comprehending your client’s business. For your sales teams to sell efficiently, you’ll need a strong understanding of both the competitive landscape and furthermore the true advantages of our product and managed training services. You’ll need to win this critical “trust” and show the client that you totally understand their business and their concerns and issues. However, most sales professionals simply don’t dedicate themselves to developing this level of insight.

Freshpath is here to help. Our Sales Training will provide you with the necessary framework for the cultural change that’s needed.

Where required we can also help you implement inbound marketing to produce qualified leads for your teams.  This has to be done in a delicate way. Attracting a mountain of leads isn’t always great. The reality is that your sales teams will not benefit from sales training as much as they could do without developing quality leads aligned with your company’s strategy. It simply won’t help to waste time selling to people that you almost know in advance won’t buy. It’s expensive to your company too.

Here are some results from a research piece from the RAIN Group Centre for Sales Research

–          Buyers report that 58% of their meetings with sellers are not valuable.

–          The number one factor separating sales winners from the closest second-place finisher is the winner educated the buyer with new ideas and perspectives.

–          Only 36% of sales organisations have individuals with the sales skills to consistently bring new ideas to their buyers.

–          Value driving sales organisations are much more likely to:

–          Grow revenue: 90%

–          Have higher win rates: 54% compared to 46%

–          Experience lower undesired turnover (i.e. losing top sales talent): 27% compared to 39%

–          66% of top performing sales organisations prioritise developing sellers to be valuable to buyers versus only 39% of companies outside of the top performer category.

–          77% of elite performers, 61% of top performers, and only 32% of the rest agree that they are effective in maximizing sales to existing accounts.

–          100% of the top 5% of salespeople have written goals, compared to only 16% of the bottom 5%.


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