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Hiring the right team is the single biggest factor in your business' growth

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“Why isn’t my sales team performing?” “Do you understand the product you’re selling for me?” “Why are our margins too poor?” “Prove to me that you’re selling on price.”

These are all common refrains that we’ve heard time and time again. Sometimes it’s because you’ve hired the wrong sales people. Let’s face it, making a hiring mistake can seriously impact your sales figures. It will also affect morale which is contagious. 

However, maybe all you need to do is to provide some sales and leadership training to your employees. Experienced and well-trained sales leaders and customer service providers will undoubtedly drive your revenue.

Train a top sales team

Our training service

 We offer courses in Brighton and Sussex to help your business preserve existing key accounts and make new ones. 

After working with Freshpath and taking advantage of our sales training programmes, your sales team will unearth more business opportunities with existing clients, establishing new stronger client relationships and to conclude will close their deals. They’ll be more motivated and confident in their negotiating skills. It will be designed so that your teams will work together in a coherent way, according to a pre-agreed plan in line with your business objectives.

Our sales training program will question your current process in a diplomatic way. We won’t steam in and try to change your culture in a few days. Real meaningful change can only be delivered in a sensitive and steady way. We’ll find weaknesses and develop simple approaches to achieve better sales performance. We’ll sit down with you and develop a sales programme designed to address your needs and achieve the results you are after.   


A simpler sales strategy

Unlock your profits potential


Buyers report that 58% of their meetings with sellers are not valuable. At Freshpath we ensure that your sales managers do not fall into this 58% bracket.

Let’s face it – sales aren’t easy and everyone wants more sales. You have to work at it hard and stay relevant to your client’s needs. 

At Freshpath we know that our clients always add a caveat – they want to improve sales of a particular kind –  strategically profitable sales. To achieve this, you need an experienced sales training team to help you maximise the potential of your employees. 

The power of territory planning

Maximising sales within your sales territory

 We can also assist with sales territory planning to maximise your sales opportunities. The following are the stages we usually follow:

1. Firstly, we discuss your brief in detail and agree on a plan for territory mapping. We then begin intelligence-gathering for a set period.

2. Secondly, we map the territories, and factor in external data. For example, the number of commercial customers by postcode for a given sector. Variables such as the rate of employment in a given area can also be considered.

3. Thirdly, in conjunction with your company, we create presentations with the results gathered. One of our priorities at this stage is to make our data easy to understand. This way, we can fully involve your management team. This approach will allow us to move onto a process of consultative selling.

4. Next, we will hold sales meetings where we will facilitate the exploitation of the data presented to create a bespoke intelligence-based plan per salesperson. At this stage, we often find that your sales team’s insights and knowledge of their areas add to our data to exciting new ideas for new routes to market.

This managed learning service allows us to provide sales skill training while improving your company’s sales strategy.
Consumer empowerment though tailoring choices

The psychology behind sales


To deliver effective sales training, one has to first understand how psychology and sales processes work. For example, did you know that when too many options are presented to your brain it has huge trouble making a purchase decision? This, of course, drives down sales.

Social scientists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper illustrated this with an experiment which they conducted in a Californian grocery shop. The researchers set up a tasting booth within the shop that allowed consumers to sample a selection of jams. In the first week, 24 different jams were available for people to try. The result was that, despite so many people trying the jams, only 3% of them purchased any. The next week, the researchers went back to the shop but this time they offered only six jams for the shoppers to taste. What happened? Sales shot up by 900%! The conclusion was simple; reducing the choices laid out simplifies the decision-making process and drives faster buying behaviour.

While this is one example, our managed training services can provide you with learning and development for your sales managers that will drive your revenue.

Customer service training courses are proven to strengthen the leadership and management confidence of your key sales teams.



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