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Building powerful customer relationships

Need help with social media?

At Freshpath, we know how important social media is. Even so, and regardless of your SME’s size, we understand that there never seems to be enough time to prioritise it within your digital marketing. For this reason, it is important to choose your goals based on your business or industry. Moreover, as a creative agency with traditional marketing expertise, we can help you identify those goals and give you the confidence that you are focusing you energy right. 

Finding and keeping customers is a challenge in itself, but it is important that you make sure not to overlook your pre-existing customers. This side of marketing, maintaining and building client relationships, is equally, if not more, important.  Quality content marketing, perhaps combined with some social media advertising, can help you achieve both of these goals. 

A social media strategy requires more than just bulking your schedule and blasting out posts about what you are selling. In fact, being too promotional is one of the main reasons why consumers could stop following you.

As a creative content agency working in London and Sussex, we understand how to create social media that people truly enjoy following. Therefore, we can provide strategic consultancy that will help you to build a trusting and loyal online community.

Understand your target market

Social media for small business

If you are a window cleaning company, you may think it is going to be difficult to get people to think it’s ‘cool’ to ‘like’ you. However, with social media we have to think outside of the box to create interesting content that reaches your targeted audiences. We can achieve this by focusing only on the platforms that are relevant to you. Further, we are experts in creating  informative but visually pleasing content, which helps a lot!

Having a content strategy can be really worthwhile for small businesses. However, less than half will use Instagram, Youtube and Twitter to promote their brands. This is because making media channel profiles  is only half of the story. In order to make smart social media decisions, firstly, you must understand your target audience. With this in mind, you can move forward knowing that you energies are well invested. 

As a Brighton creative content agency, we can help you understand and maintain the most fruitful, high-quality platforms so that you can secure a healthy stream of enquiries.

Social Media Marketing

We are an affordable content creation agency for small to medium businesses. We will help you to build your brand awareness both off and online so that you can stand out from your competitors.

Develop Your Voice

Harness the power of social media. Craft the identity of your business and start the conversations that will make you a leading voice in your industry. You can also capture invaluable insights from customers.

Reach more potential customers with well-designed, targeted campaigns across the right social channels for your brand. Interact with your new audience and get them talking organically about your brand.

Become the cutting edge

What does a social media agency do?

As a content agency in Brighton, we can do many things. For starters, we have graphic design capabilities. We can also curate content, produce a social media strategy and create and manage social media campaigns. In addition, we monitor social profiles and engage with users, reporting and analytics.

As well as the above, as a marketing agency, we are constantly searching the internet for articles and news relevant to the industries of our clients. We can share these resources on your profiles. This helps to create the impression of your business having its “finger on the pulse” and “being in the know.”

As social media consultants in London and Brighton, we have the capacity to run co-ordinated campaigns or promotions, scheduling posts in the run-up to an event or give-away. We can also run targeted Facebook ad campaigns and paid social ads to increase visibility. Like this, you can and accrue more “likes”, and/or drive traffic back to your website.

In summary, at Freshpath Marketing we like to think of ourselves as holistic marketing consultants.

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