Freshpath will help you create content, organise your content, manage your social media campaigns, and engage with your social media users.



If you’re looking for social media success, this is the process to follow:

1.      Content creation

Our team will help you create and rewrite your content on the subjects and pages you deem important. These pages will be tailored with online marketing techniques specifically for your business.

2.      Organise content

Additionally, our team will find relevant articles and pages on the internet that will be appropriate to your business. This will allow for customers to see how “in the loop” your business is with the relevant industry news and what is going on.

3.      Manage social media campaigns

When necessary, social media campaigns can be organised by preparing posts for your business to upload onto social media. These posts will be uploaded in the run-up to a specific event such as a give-away. Campaigns can be on specific social media platforms such as Facebook where we would be able to increase the outreach and ‘likes’ to drive more customers back to your website.

4.      Engage with social media users and monitor social media platforms

Social media platforms allow us to view the engagement on your pages and posts as a business profile. This would let your business see the user engagement and see what posts work and what doesn’t. You would be able to ask our team specific questions on this and we can help tailor your social media profiles according to the statistics.

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