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We’ve put together our five reasons why local SEO companies in East Sussex can help you attract new customers. Click here for more info on how Freshpath can help you build your SEO.


1.     Customers are using the internet on desktop and mobile phones to search for local businesses to fulfil a direct purchasing need:

·         A huge 78% of local smartphone searched end up in an offline purchase

·         50% of searched on smartphones are to find business information such as a phone number or address

·         64% of local customers use the internet to find local businesses

·         (Sources: and

2.       Local search marketing is highly targeted

·         The main reason why individuals perform local searches is to find a local company. The next reason is to find a service or a particular product. Quite a lot of searchers begin searching with a company name in mind however this is not the case for all internet browsers as many don’t have a specific business in mind when they begin searching.

·         Through using local search tactics, you would be able to position your business better to promote your business to local customers when they are searching for your type of business.

3.       Local search has the best conversion rates of all local advertising channels

·         Online directories such as YELP show a business’ information such as their name, phone number, address etc. However, other SEO strategies like local directory marketing have a much higher conversion rate than other advertising options. These statistics show how important it is to accurately list your business on online directories to be able to convert a few leads into real customers.

4.       Mobile phone sites are becoming more common

·         Mobile phones are becoming the new way to search for local businesses on the go. Whether this is on an actual mobile phone or even on a tablet, customers are finding it more efficient and effective than looking up businesses on desktops. Local SEO looks over both desktop and mobile internet access meaning that all potential customers will be targeted.

5.       Less than half of businesses have claimed their Google My Business listing

The free listing ‘Google my Business’ helps increase your chances of having your business show up in local search results on Google. You would also have the upper hand in this regard as many businesses are yet to discover the advantages of online marketing yet, leaving you to get a head start before the field becomes more competitive than it already is.

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